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WordPress is a powerful personal publishing platform, and it comes with a great set of features designed to make your experience as a publisher on the Internet as easy, pleasant and appealing as possible.

WordPress can easily be installed to your AUSWEB hosting account using Fantastcio Deluxe (an automated application installer) in your control panel. With a few mouse clicks you can have WordPress installed and ready to start blogging.

Having WordPress installed in your own hosting account gives you complete control over your weblog. Unlike third-party hosted services, you can be sure of being able to access and modify everything related to your weblog, in case you need to.
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Writing a Travel Blog with WordPress


Writing a travel blog generates interest in people to visit new places. In writing your own blog you might identify a niche, such as travel locations within a small region of a country, or broaden the scope to include countries across the globe. Writing a travel blog requires recording notes and observations, taking pictures and talking to local people while travelling.

Here are a few tips for writing a travel blog.

Selecting a Publishing Platform

WordPress is a powerful and flexible online publishing platform that is easy to set up and maintain, with no knowledge of HTML or other code is required. The WordPress editing interface is similar in operation to modern day word-processing software. As the site administrator you can grant various levels of access to others, allowing them to contribute to the blog. Because the interface is web-based, creating and editing pages can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection.

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Moving Your WordPress Blog


While installing a WordPress Blog into your Ausweb hosting account can be simply done using Fantastico Deluxe, there are some occasions where you want to transfer an existing WordPress Blog to your Ausweb hosting account. This may be because you already have a WordPress Blog hosted elsewhere and are changing hosting providers or you have a WordPress Blog that you have developed on a test server.

The process involves 4 steps

1. Delete spam comments from your database
2. Export (or dump) your existing MySQL database, then create a new database and import the data.
3. Upload your existing WordPress Blog files to your hosting account.
4. Change your WordPress Blog configuration settings.

Before starting this process it is a good idea to backup your existing site and database, just in case there is a problem.
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SEO Friendly URLs for WordPress


By default WordPress uses web URLs which have question marks and lots of numbers in them, which is not good for S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization). Fortunately WordPress offers you the ability to create a custom URL structure using Permalinks in your Admin area.

Login to the Admin area of your WordPress blog and navigate to Options > Permalinks.

Here you can choose what sort of URL structure you wish to use, there are several options available.

Default –

Date and Name based –

Numeric –

You can also choose to use custom structure where you specify how the URL will be written by combining several custom tags.
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